Off Road & 4×4

Off Road & 4×4

In your 4×4, engine power is sent through the transfer case to two separate differentials, one on the rear axle and one on the front. In offroading, traction is king. Sure, you’re riding on great tires, but are you running the right differentials? Can they handle the load you’re throwing at them?

Most vehicles, including 4x4s, are factory equipped with open differentials. These work just fine for standard street use. But while plenty of 4x4s will never see a hardcore trail, let alone a dirt road, the rest of us have something else in mind. That’s where a differential upgrade comes in. The Rear End Shop can add limited-slip or locking differentials to your axles to keep you in motion over whatever terrain you take on. These differentials will supply enough power to all four wheels so that you don’t lose forward motion when one of those wheels breaks traction. Even for 4×4 owners who are not sure they’ll ever go off road, installing an aftermarket limited-slip or locker can improve the day-to-day driving experience. Bring your 4×4 to The Rear End Shop and let’s talk about which differentials are the best fit for you.

4×4 Differential Repair at The Rear End Shop

Stay safe and extend the life of your 4×4 on and off the road by keeping your differentials well lubed and coming in for service right away if you feel your traction failing. Our team will get you rolling again in no time.

When driving on the street, listen for sounds that indicate that one of your 4×4’s differentials may be failing:

A whirring noise either while decelerating or at speeds over 15 mph

Rumbling that starts when your speed exceeds 15 mph

A persistent clunking sound

High pitched howling when you accelerate

Banging or skipping when cornering

If your vehicle has these symptoms, come see us as soon as possible. You can make an appointment by phone or using the online scheduler.