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What We Do

What is a Differential?

Driving straight down the road, your vehicle’s wheels naturally spin in sync. But when you turn a corner, the outer wheels must travel a greater distance than the inner wheels. An outside wheel that can’t keep up in the turns will skip and skid, making for a bumpy, and possibly dangerous, ride. Your rear-wheel drive car or truck is equipped with a differential on the rear axle, where it delivers equal force to each wheel while allowing them to rotate at different speeds (thus the term “differential”). There are three types of differentials: open, limited slip and locking. Each type provides a different handling and traction experience, on and off road.

All-wheel-drive vehicles have two differentials, one on each axle. They may also have a center differential that distributes power and compensates for speed differences between the front and rear.
From s-curves to hairpins, and over rough or slippery terrain, your vehicle’s differential takes on the essential job of keeping your tires on the ground, giving you better control of your vehicle. Want to know more? Drop by or give us a call. We love talking about this stuff.

Differential Service, Repair and Replacement

All of your engine’s power is transferred through the differential, making it one of the hardest-working components of your vehicle. A lot a heat is generated here, so a lubricating fluid is needed inside the differential to transfer some of that heat away from the gears. Over time, the fluid breaks down. Heavy off road driving can accelerate the breakdown and lead to fluid contamination and leaks. Topping off and replacing differential fluid at regular intervals will extend the life of your differential and, thus, the life of your vehicle. When we service your differential, we’ll make sure your fluid is clean and full and suggest the best maintenance schedule for your particular needs.

A differential’s service needs will vary depending on your vehicle and the type of driving you do. Differentials are built pretty tough, but time and especially heavy use can take their toll. Rough terrain like dirt and gravel roads, or extreme driving, will naturally have a greater impact than sticking to the pavement. If you hear those gears grinding, or notice rumbling, howling or banging noises coming from the axle area, don’t keep driving and hoping it’ll go away. Ignoring a failing differential can create a domino effect of axle, driveshaft and transmission damage. The Rear End Shop will run interference on this expensive disaster by expertly repairing or replacing your differential.


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